Having a contract ensures the safety of both parties. It should detail exactly what work will be performed, and at what cost (including taxes). Many people will enter into a verbal agreement, which can lead to complications in the future if there is a dispute or misunderstanding. If your contractor does not have a contract, be weary and ask why. It is not uncommon for people in verbal arrangements to alter the price after the project is completed.

Blue Chip Decks produces a contract for every job. We take the time to detail what is included with every project, and the price for that job. This price is guaranteed and will not change once the job is done.


In today’s online world, reviews are readily available on Google, Facebook, BBB, and other review-based websites. Make use of these by checking what their previous customers are saying. Ask for references and photos of past work. A good company should be able to provide addresses of recent work that you can check out personally.

Blue Chip Decks has easily accessible client reviews that can be found on Facebook, Google and The Better Business Bureau (BBB) websites. We encourage you to investigate as much as you’d like until you are comfortable. If you would like to go see some of our past work, just ask!

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Any deck built over 24” in height within Winnipeg requires a permit. Failing to get a permit may result in a building code and/or zoning violation. Penalties can range from fines to project modification or removal. There are specific building code and zoning regulations for decks that a good deck builder will know. A deck permit in Winnipeg costs $130 for a single level deck. This is to your benefit because it ensures your deck will be built to last and with your safety in mind.

Blue Chip Decks makes deck permits easy! If a permit is required, we will account for and take care the permit application and submission on your behalf. This includes designing a deck that fits within zoning regulations.

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4. How will you care for my home?

Taking the proper precautions to ensure your home does not get damaged during construction is very important. Calling for hydro and gas line locates, and accounting for all underground services is mandatory for any contractor who is installing screw piles or digging in your yard.  Having contractor insurance with liability coverage can protect everyone involved.

What if there is damage to your house and they can’t pay for the repairs? These can be some of the risks of hiring an unlicensed handyman.

Blue Chip Decks makes every effort to make sure your property stays in the exact same condition as when we arrived (except for your wonderful new outdoor living space!). We carry liability insurance to ensure our safety and yours when working on your property.

5. Is there a Warranty?

Most reputable contractors should offer some type of warranty for their workmanship. Typically, a standard warranty in this industry will be 2-years.

Blue Chip Decks offers a 5-year warranty on our workmanship. This covers the building integrity of the project related to the workmanship. It does not cover the products themselves. Please refer to the warranty section on your contract, or at the www.bluechipdecks.com homepage for more information.

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