Components of a Blue Chip Deck

When comparing deck builders, every company advertises the same thing: Top quality buildshigh-rated materials, excellent reputation etc… Other than just taking their word for it, does any builder really show YOU, the CLIENT, what exactly makes their projects special?

At Blue Chip Decks, we like to be different. so, we decided to do just that.

The 3D renderings below are an annotated deck building guide that functions to help educate and explain to our clients the difference we provide in our decks. The 3D drawings demonstrate a clear picture of our build process from start to finish and what our clients can expect when they purchase a new Blue Chip Deck.

Blue Chip Basics:

The Basics are the core components of your deck (e.g. gravel, framing, foundation, etc.). These pieces aren’t meant to be pretty; they are designed to be heavy-duty and are the backbone of every deck we build.

Blue Chip Essentials:

The Essentials are what makes a deck, a deck and what turns The Basics into Beauty! Essential components such as the decking material, railing type, stairs etc., are just a few of the essential components that will transform the raw structure of your new deck into an inviting living space.

Blue Chip Features:

The Features are the “WOW factors” added to your deck. If you want to make your neighbours jealous, consider adding some exciting components from our Features selection, such as a pergola, privacy screens, lighting or anything else you can dream up.