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Duradek Vinyl decking

• Starting in 1974, was the first maintenance-free waterproof decking solution on the market. Since then, Duradek has applied more than 125 million square feet of high-quality outdoor vinyl to thousands of clients all over the world.

Duradek™ vinyl is hands down the best vinyl decking and waterproofing solution available today for:

Sun decks | Roof decks | walk-out decks | porches | balconies| Stairs

  • Duradek sundeck


• Professionally Installed by certified technicians
• Simple solution for long-lasting waterproofing
• Durable and Reliable
• 10-year warranty
• Maintenance-free
• Easy to repair
• Easy to Clean
• CCMC 09643-R Approved

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Where can I use Duradek?

Roof Decks

Nothing presents luxurious, private outdoor living space quite like an elegant, well-thought-out roof deck. vinyl membranes provide an easy, one product solution that meets building code requirements for both a roofing membrane and a pedestrian surface in a single application.

Traditional roofing products can provide the waterproofing component for your flat roof applications, but a second product is required for the pedestrian surface. This more-time, more-money approach can be a thing of the past with the single product solution of a Duradek vinyl membrane.

Roof Decks With Vinyl Membrane

-Duradek meets building code requirements as a roofing membrane over habitable space.
-Duradek meets building code requirements as a pedestrian surface.
-Duradek is safe to install over an occupied living space

Duradek is applied only by authorized installers, like Blue Chip Decks. The installers are specifically trained in waterproofing techniques that integrate the membrane into the building envelope and water routing components. These professional techniques protect the structure from water infiltration even at the points of highest vulnerability.

From single family homes to large commercial projects, Duradek can take care of your flat roof deck needs.

Sun Decks | Walk- out decks | porches | balconies

Decks and other outdoor deck surfaces are one of the easiest ways to add usable living space to your home for a relatively low cost and time investment. By extending the square footage of living space, you are essentially adding an extra room to your house! If the added space is a raised deck high enough to accommodate people, you will now also have a covered living space underneath your new deck project (see picture to right). This is more cost-effective than other space creating home improvement projects like extending a living room or kitchen.

Installing an attractive outdoor living area with a premium long-lasting vinyl deck will add value to your home in terms of square footage, but also because great outdoor living space is a popular residential feature that home buyers are looking for. If you are ever planning on selling your home, a well-conceived Sun Deck, walk-out deck, Porch or balcony can easily add value to your property.

What can a Duradek vinyl membrane do for you?:

• Create extra usable living space by extending the functional design of your home’s interior to the outdoors with attractive waterproof flooring.
• Homeowners are fully protected with an excellent warranty that is transferable should the home sell during the warranty terms.
• Maintenance-Free and easy to clean waterproofing solution, with an average life expectancy of 15-20 years.
• Doubles your newly created living space by acting as a roof deck and by creating a dry, living space below.
• Attractive, slip resistant and comfortable on bare feet.

Commercial Duradek Vinyl

Duradek vinyl completely waterproofs the deck and protects the structure from water infiltration. Your commercial investment is protected with Duradek’s proven waterproofing performance and with a warranty that we stand behind.
Unlike some alternative waterproofing products, Duradek is safe to install over an occupied space and goes down in a single-phase application so there is no need for lengthy shut-downs to allow for drying or curing time. Duradek can be walked on as soon as the installation is complete.
The function of Duradek waterproof membranes is complemented by Duradek’s excellent selection of attractive stylings. A great architectural palette of colors for exterior design allows you to match Duradek to your buildings, or even use two complimentary colors of Duradek to add custom patterns or borders.

• When you have a commercial property that includes a deck or a flat roof deck, you need a great product that looks good and lasts!

Why should I use duradek for my commercial space?:

• Attractive and welcoming for your clients or tenants
• Doubles as a roofing membrane and pedestrian surface
CCMC 09643-R Approved waterproofing solution
• Maintenance-free
10-year warranty
• Easy to repair
• Easy to clean


• Duradek offers a 10-year manufacturer’s waterproofing warranty on all Ultra 60-mil vinyl.

• Duradek also offers a 5-year appearance warranty if there is excessive discoloration over the natural aging of the vinyl.

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