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Why Duradek vinyl Decking?

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What is Duradek waterproof decking?

When it comes to creating a vinyl sundeck in Winnipeg, nearly every deck builder will recommend the use of Duradek. For almost five decades, the brand has been providing exceptional vinyl flooring systems to residential and commercial clients across North America.

The main function of Duradek waterproof decking in Winnipeg is to help waterproof the space underneath your structure. This ensures your decking is not only protected from the elements and protected from rot, but it also minimizes the need for maintenance. When your decking is fully waterproof, it helps to expand its lifespan and durability.

Of course, Duradek is not just waterproof. The vinyl membrane is incredibly stylish and is designed to be walked on, offering a tough and slip-resistant finish that is perfect for use across a wide array of situations. So, no matter whether you are looking to create a space for your hot tub or improve your walkout deck, opting for vinyl decking in Winnipeg will ensure your garden looks fantastic for many years.

How is Duradek waterproof decking installed?

One of the reasons so many Winnipeg deck builders love using Duradek is thanks to how easy the product is to install. Our highly experienced team will be able to install your new decking, guaranteeing the perfect finish every time.

To start with, we frame the decking by putting down plywood which the vinyl is then installed to. To ensure that your decking is protected from the elements and will last for many years to come, we use a special glue that is suitable for both the summer heat and winter snow.

To maximize the waterproofing, we wrap the vinyl up on the exterior of your property. This helps to create a strong seal which prevents water from leaking through. At the other end of the decking, we utilize a PVC fascia which makes rain water run straight off and down to the ground. To improve its waterproofing further, we install the decking at a slight angle that, although you will not notice it, will ensure water does not pool or puddle.

Looking for vinyl decking in Winnipeg?

Are you looking to install vinyl decking in Winnipeg? Here at Blue Chip Decks, our experienced team is here to help you transform your garden and create a beautiful space your whole family will love.

Suitable for any house or landscaping project, Duradek waterproof decking is a wonderful maintenance-free solution for your home. It is also available in a huge array of designs with over 30 patterns and colours to choose from, ensuring you can always find the perfect match for your décor. Alongside its beautiful appearance, the material is also incredibly strong and durable, meaning it will last for many years.