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All great projects begin with a idea.

The idea gets drafted into a plan which then gets turned into reality!

Blue Chip Decks offers a wide variety of design, planning and consultation services. Our team of deck designers can quickly offer scaled 3D designs fitted to your house. Making your project easy to envision before any construction takes place.

We offer phone, video and in person consultation services to answer any questions related to: design, planning, construction and permitting of your future project.

If you plan to build your own deck this summer, we offers drafting and engineering services required for a building permit. Currently only offered in Manitoba.

Every dream deck, starts with a plan!

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Blue Chip Deck Designs

Blue Chip Deck Designs


At Blue Chip Decks we believe in open and upfront pricing so our clients know exactly what they are getting.
Whether it’s a custom deck designed from scratch f or a resized deck from our pricing guide (download below) we’ll have the perfect project to fit your lifestyle and your budget.

*You can use this guide to compare pricing for your project or to purchase one of our decks/pergolas below or from our downloadable PDF. Most decks from our pricing page can be re-sized to fit your home. If you are looking for a totally custom deck that is unique to your home, head to our design page. There is a button at the bottom of this page to direct you there.



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