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Residential/Commercial railing

Blue Chip Decks knows railing, so when it comes to a railing system that is going to keep you and your family safe, we insist on only the BEST. That’s why Blue Chip’s standard rail is the S.T.A.R. Aluminum Railing System. Constructed from top quality T6 aluminum, S.T.A.R. Railing is as strong as it is beautiful. The solidly welded posts, continuous top rail and engineered fasteners work in unison to deliver the highest level of safety in a railing. All components are meticulously powder coated and meet AAMA 2604 specifications with 10 available colour options. The perfect look, strength, and feel for any Residential or Commercial railing application.

Adding a railing to your deck is a great way to introduce an element of stylishness while also keeping the surface safe for those enjoying it. Blue Chip Decks can supply and install the contours of any deck, balcony or home with a Top of the Line railing system from S.T.A.R. Railing Systems.

Blue chip tech tip : Any deck higher than 24” in Manitoba needs a railing.

  • Cable rail
  • Green treated two-tier deck
  • Standout glass railing
  • Topless glass deck railing
  • Wolf PVC deck with metal privacy screen

Available Railing Options

Wood Rail

Aluminum Picket Rail

Glass Panel Rail

Topless Glass Rail

Cable Rail

Stand-Out Glass Rail

Railing Gallery

Powder coated railing

Powder coated aluminum railing is tough, long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Unlike most liquid paints that use harsh liquid solvents, powder coating is applied as free flowing powder that is electrostatically charged and bonded to the aluminum creating a very stable, durable and non-flaking “shell” for your deck rail. The comes in 10 beautiful colour options, so the colour of your railing can complement the colours of your Blue Chip Deck.

*All colour options meet AAMA 2604 specifications

Aluminum rail with tinted glass panels

High quality materials

S.T.A.R. Railing System is a maintenance-free, long-lasting railing that has been designed to resist rust and corrosion. TheT6 aluminum used for the rail system is one of the highest quality and strongest aluminum rails available on the market today – it meets code for commercial and high-rise applications. Finally, S.T.A.R. Railing uses the highest grade of stainless-steel fasteners to connect your railing to your deck or concrete surface, delivering the highest level of safety for you and your family to rely on for years to come!

Professional Installation and premium hardware

Professional products deserve a professional installation! All members of the Blue Chip Decks building team are fully trained in the proper installation of the S.T.A.R. railing system. All fasteners including lag bolts, concrete wedge anchors and the rails self-tapping bolts are the highest quality stainless-steel for ultimate rust and corrosion protection. All fasteners used are designed for high shear strength and are provided by the rail supplier ensuring top quality components – your families safety is depending on it! Railings are cut and assembled on-site to ensure a perfect fit. Finally, lag bolts are covered with a plastic cap to conceal the bolt heads.

Topless glass railing

Topless glass rail

More on S.T.A.R. Railing


S.T.A.R. railing is a modular (knock-down) pre-finished railing system, capable of being field assembled to fit any deck configuration.

Cost Effective

The system’s ease of installation saves you time and money on labor. The knock down design will also save you money and damage claims over shipping bulky welded railing systems.

Adjusts to any staircase

Takes the guess work out of stair applications.S.T.A.R. RAILINGS rail system will adjust to any stair angle, making the easiest system on the market to install. Our customers love ease of assembly and so will you!


The heavy-duty construction meets the requirements of the rigid North American Building Codes. It meets the stringent load criteria of both 2009 International Building Code and the current edition of National Building Code of Canada.


Easy field assembly making it a snap for components and modifications of the railing to fit any deck configuration. Installation can be completed without the needs for any special tools for installation. It’s “snap tight” design assembles to make a structurally integral railing system won’t rattle in the wind like other component systems on the market.


Backed by over 40 years of aluminum railing manufacturing.S.T.A.R. railing has the experience to supply projects, big or small. Standing by all our products that which are backed by our 20-Year Lifetime Warranty Protection Plan.


The Nationwide S.T.A.R. Dealer Network can help you plan and design your railing needs to enhance your deck and patio project.


An alternative to wood & steel systems that rot and rust and require restoration and repainting.


Available styles include post mounting options and various infill designs (multiple picket or glass designs) and a wide array of designer color offerings. We offer standard product offerings along with custom fabrication capabilities to meet your project needs.

Stand-out glass rail


With ten standard color options meeting AAMA 2604 specifications and custom color & finish options. The powder coating is a tough, durable coating and is warranted under our S.T.A.R. warranty protection plan.


The powder coated finish is eco-safe putting no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the atmosphere like those found in most liquid coatings.

Wood Frame with aluminum baluster


S.T.A.R. railing comes with a full 20-year lifetime warranty on all aluminum components.

For more information on the S.t.a.r. railing systems warranty, click the link below:


For more information on s.t.a.r. Aluminum railing systems click the link below:

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