Why Build A Screen Room In Winnipeg Manitoba?

Are you looking to add a screen room to your home?

Building a screen room in Winnipeg is a wonderful way to transform your backyard and extend its usability. As a leading screen room builder in Manitoba, our experienced team can help you every step of the way.

What are the benefits of a screen room?

A custom screen room is a fantastic addition to any home and can provide you with a range of benefits, including:

Keep the pests away

Trying to enjoy the summer months can be incredibly frustrating when you have to keep fending off bugs. Building a screen room in Winnipeg will make that a thing of the past, giving you a space to relax.

Protect from the elements

Of course, it’s not just about the bugs. Building a screen room in Winnipeg is also a great way to protect you from the elements helping to keep the rain and wind away.
Increase property value
Working with a professional screen room builder in Manitoba will give you a versatile outdoor living space that can add significant value to your property.

How Blue Chip Decks can help with your new Screen Room

Here at Blue Chip Decks, we are incredibly proud to be one of the leading  screen room builders in Winnipeg. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to providing exceptional construction and unrivalled customer service.

Post and Beam Screen Room Construction

All of our custom screen rooms are created with post and beam construction, ensuring you can have complete peace of mind that your structure will last for many years to come. This elegant & rugged construction method allows for a fully finished look inside and out with that real outdoor screen room ambiance. Our screen system is also like no other! Unlike most builders who use a stapled pieces of wood to hold and stretch the screens, we utilize an agricultural-grade mosquito screen with an aluminum frame that is bolted to the wall posts, which guarantees that it will not sag or degrade over time. We also use durable and stylish aluminum storm doors with a glass and screen insert. 

Like the rest of our projects, all of our screen rooms and deck project follow a very strict, repeatable construction process that ensures the same excellent results with every single build unless otherwise customized by the you the client! We use a repeatable construction method, so our builders and our customers know how exactly how the finished project will look and feel! 

Our mission is to help you create a beautiful and usable space in your backyard, which is why our customers can choose between treated wood, cedar, and maintenance-free materials. All of our custom screen rooms are available with optional window and door upgrades, providing a lightweight weather wall and window system which is made from a PVC vinyl pane, ensuring it will not crack or shatter should it be impacted. These windows are also able to open all the way up, allowing you to enjoy the summer breeze and keep your space cool.
We have years of experience in creating stunning screen rooms for our customers, and we can support you every step of the way. If you are looking to install a custom screen room in your Manitoba home, then it is important that you understand the planning requirements. Any structure with a roof over 108 square feet will require a permit, so it is important that you secure this before construction begins; otherwise, you could face a costly fine or even be forced to take it down.
So if you want to transform your home and create a beautiful space in your backyard, get in touch with our team today to find out more about how we can help you.
Timber frame Fir screen room with fully finished inside