Revolutionizing Deck Stair Installation with Pylex Screw Pile

Traditional Method vs. New Approach

Deck stairs are an essential part of any decking installation. Not only do they help to create a far more versatile area by allowing easy access to your yard, but they are also an important part of the overall design of the structure.

Of course, these stairs will face a lot of usage over the years, which means that they need to be able to support the weight of people walking up and down. Over time, this can cause them to sink into the ground, requiring them to be repaired or replaced.

To prevent this, constructors will typically support the stairs by bolting the stair posts to a concrete block that has been dug into the ground. This is a very effective method and can help to prevent the deck stairs from sinking into the ground, but Winnipeg-based Blue Chip Decks has adopted a new approach using the adjustable Pylex Screw Pile.

The Pylex Solution

Traditionally used for small decking, by utilizing them as part of the deck stair installation process, Blue Chip Decks has been able to revolutionize the task. These screw piles can be quickly and easily fitted into the ground using a large power drill or specialist tool from Pylex, with each one capable of being fitted in under ten minutes. These screws go far deeper into the ground than usual concrete alternatives, allowing them to provide far greater support to the staircase. 

Exceptional Support and Durability

Not only does opting for the Pylex screw piles help to provide greater support, but thanks to a threaded rod, the option is also completely adjustable, allowing for a faster and more accurate installation. Blue Chip Decks has found that the use of Pylex has also meant that the structure of your stairs remains in place for much longer, capable of withstanding changes in temperature, which can impact the soil and accelerate sinkage. As the screws are placed so far into the ground, they are also far better at withstanding water build-up.

Alongside providing exceptional support to deck stairs, Pylex screw piles are also a far more affordable alternative to the more traditional concrete pillars. This means that Blue Chip Deck customers are able to enjoy a far greater installation process.

"We have been using the Pylex alternative for around four years and they will continue to be our go-to solution for all of our deck stair installations. They offer fantastic weight rating, ensuring that their stairs remain in place and do not sink much longer than they would if we continued with the usual concrete pad solution. Here at Blue Chip Decks, we have always strived to deliver exceptional construction and service with every project, and this is just the latest step in ensuring we can continue to provide the highest quality decking possible."
Calvin Cerilli
Co-Owner of Blue Chip Decks Inc.
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