Why You Should Choose Blue Chip Decks For Your Next Deck Installation in Winnipeg

Why Choosing the Right Deck Installation Partner is Crucial for Your Backyard

When it comes to installing a new deck in your backyard, it can be tough to find a partner you trust. A huge range of contractors offer deck installation services; however, only a few of these specialize in just decking.

Here at Blue Chip Decks, we like to do things differently. As a dedicated deck-building company, our team is amongst the industry leaders when it comes to designing, installing, and caring for your decking. So, why should you choose us for your next project? We thought we would take a closer look…

Who is Blue Chip Decks?

Before we look at what sets us apart from our competitors, we thought we would first take the time to explain a little bit about who we are.  Launched in 2015, we are an exclusive deck-building company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which means our team only focuses on designing and installing decking and deck-related projects such as railings, pergolas and privacy screens.

This dedication means we can offer our customers the most effective installation processes possible alongside the highest possible finish with every project. Our commitment to deck construction has seen us achieve multiple awards and accolades, most recently being named Manitoba’s Best Deck Builder for 2022.

We pride ourselves on our refined skillset and offer our customers an exceptional experience with every project, guaranteeing an amazing decking that you will love!

What sets us apart?

A quick Google will reveal dozens of companies offering deck installation services, which can make it a little overwhelming trying to find the best partner for your needs. At Blue Chip Decks, we are committed to changing the issues that are most commonly found in the construction industry:

Dedicated to decking

Unlike many other deck contractors, our team is entirely dedicated to decking and deck-related projects. This means that we specialize in the construction of new decks, railings, pergolas and privacy screens, ensuring we have the skills and knowledge to overcome any issues that you might face.

Complete solution

We know how frustrating it can be having to work with multiple partners, which is why we offer a complete end-to-end solution. Our team will work with you every step of the way, from designing the perfect deck for your backyard through to the permitting, planning and construction.

We like to go above and beyond with every client, which is why every deck comes with a 3D plan that includes measurements and visuals so everyone (clients & build crews) can clearly see all aspects of the project and how the final project will look.

Systematic installation

Another factor that helps to set us apart from other builders is our systematic installation process. This ensures maximum consistency with every project we build and helps to ensure a smooth and efficient build process that produces the same expected results and reduces the risk of unforeseen complications. This approach also means our customers can have complete peace of mind that they will be able to enjoy the best build quality and finishing for their deck project.

Guaranteed pricing

All of our customers can also have complete peace of mind that they will not face any hidden prices or unforeseen cost increases. All of our costs are clearly outlined from the start and are guaranteed once a customer has placed their deposit.


Branding and professionalism are very important to our team. That is why every crew features a highly experienced lead deck builder and apprentice carpenter. All teams are paired with branded trucks and trailers that are fully equipped with the latest tools required to complete every project.

Customer focused

Finally, we are also incredibly customer focused. We have incorporated an automated email and text messaging service, which will keep you updated throughout the process.  Our comprehensive contact system is very detailed to ensure you will always know what is going on. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional communication and always being available to discuss your needs.

Ready to find out what sets us apart?

If you are looking to install a new deck in your home or replace your existing option with a beautiful new alternative, then Blue Chip Decks is here to help you. Our talented team can help you transform your garden and create the ultimate space to relax and spend time with your loved ones.

Want to find out more? Get in touch today!