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Wolf PVC ~ $15k - $18k

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Wolf PVC ~ $22k - $25k

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Wolf PVC ~ $28k - $32k

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Maintenance Free Decking: Wolf PVC

This is one of our most premium options and is a market leader when it comes to composite decking in Winnipeg.

We know that your decking is a natural extension of your home’s living space, so you want to ensure that yours is as beautiful as possible. The Wolf PVC serenity decking is the perfect solution to create a first-class finish for your garden.

What are the benefits of composite decking in Winnipeg?

Installing composite decking in Winnipeg is a wonderful way to transform your home. However, alongside looking fantastic, they can also provide you with an array of benefits, including:

Durable: One of the biggest benefits of composite decking in Winnipeg is just how durable it is. These materials are incredibly strong and are able to withstand constant exposure to the elements.

Minimal maintenance: Unlike wood, which requires regular staining and painting to prevent it from rotting, composite materials just need an occasional wash to keep them looking their best.

Wide design choices: Although it is possible to paint wood decking, composite decking is far more versatile and available in a huge assortment of colours and finishes.

Why choose Wolf PVC serenity decking in Winnipeg?

Now you know the many benefits that can come from using composite decking in Winnipeg, why should you opt for the Wolf PVC solutions? The manufacturer is one of the industry leaders, and the Serenity options are one of the most popular.


This premium boarding is made from 100% plastic, which means there are no natural or recycled materials used in its construction. This makes it incredibly strong and durable, giving it an extremely long lifespan that far exceeds wooden options. One of the best features of the Wolf PVC range is the fact that it is double-sided, which means it is far more versatile and can also be used for privacy screens and other decorative features.

The plastics used in the construction of the Wolf PVC Serenity decking ensures that it will not fade or lose colour when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. It is also completely resistant to water, which makes it perfect for use in high-moisture areas.

That plastic also ensures that the decking is a fantastic choice for small details, and it is very easy to work with. This helps to guarantee that homeowners will always be able to enjoy a high-quality finish. The Wolf PVC decking also utilizes a Cortex Plug, which ensures that there are no fasteners visible, creating a very clean and modern look.


With eight colours to choose from, you will always be able to find a solution for your garden. You can also enjoy complete peace of mind it will last for many decades, with each installation coming with a 50-year limited life warranty covering major defects or discolouring. Adding to that, we also provide a five-year labour replacement warranty!