Deck Permits

The City of Winnipeg Deck Permits


Blue Chip Decks takes care of the entire permitting process for our clients. From application and submission to final inspection.

So, you’re looking to build a deck this summer?

Building your own deck is an endeavor that is frequently easier to start than it is to finish. After completing the sometimes-challenging task of designing your deck, the next step is to apply for a building permit.

Do I need a permit?

All decks in Winnipeg that are 24” above the surrounding grade require a deck building permit. Decks that will eventually support an enclosed structure with a roof (e.g. sunroom/gazebo) also need a deck permit, regardless of height above surrounding grade. If your planned deck is less than two feet above the surrounding grade, a permit is not required. However, the deck must still be compliant with the National Building Code.

Blue Chip Tech Tip: 

In the City of Winnipeg, a deck that is unattached to a house will require a permit just as a deck that is attached to a house.

Why do I need a permit?

A deck building permit serves more than one purpose. It protects property owners from both poor building practices and unsafe structural designs. The permitting process includes a structural and final inspection to ensure that the standard building code in the City of Winnipeg’s “Wood Deck Handbook” is being followed.

Would you know if your contractor was cutting corners to save time and money?
A building inspector DOES

A deck permit also ensures that your deck is safe! All approved deck permits have undergone a rigorous application and submission process that ensures all structural components (e.g., piles and framing) and essential components (e.g., deck railing height/construction and stair width/slope) are within spec., while also ensuring that your deck complies with all zoning by-laws. Finally, a deck permit also provides any prospective property purchasers peace of mind that the deck is compliant while maintaining investment value.

What do I need to apply for a deck permit?

All deck building permit applications submitted to the City of Winnipeg require:

Two detailed copies of a site plan, clearly showing:

  • Property boundaries (Lot Plan)
  • Location and size of all existing buildings and the proposed deck
  • Distances of deck sides to the nearest property lines
  • Distance of the deck to the back property line


Two copies of construction and elevation drawings showing the:

  • Type of foundation
  • Size of the deck (sq ft & dimensional)
  • Size and spacing of the beams, posts, and framing joists
  • Species and gradeof lumber
  • Location of any stairs


Other items to include:

  • A copy of a Surveyor’s Building Location Certificate (may not be necessary if a sufficiently detailed site plan is prepared)
  • A fully completed application form and “Wood Deck Checklist”*


*For more information and for PDF copies of the “Wood Deck Checklist” please visit The City of Winnipeg Deck Permit Website

Blue Chip Tech Tip: 

The permit application and submission process require applicants to have all the completed documents AND face a formal plan review by a City of Winnipeg plan examiner on the date of permit submission.

A permit submission generally takes 1 – 2 hours, so plan accordingly!

How do I apply for a permit?

After all required documents listed above are completed, the application may be dropped off at the City of Winnipeg Planning, Property and Development Department, located at Unit 31 – 30 Fort Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4X7.

City Of Winnipeg Permit Office Location

* For more information on the location please visit The City of Winnipeg Deck Permit Website

Does my deck need plans sealed by an engineer?

Some decks require plans sealed by a professional engineer

Examples include:

  • Any roofed structure greater than 100 sq ft that is on or part of the deck
  • Any deck or structure that requires non-standard construction practices or materials that are not outlined in the City of Winnipeg Deck Handbook
  • Any deck greater than 300 sq ft that is on screw piles
Blue Chip Tech Tip: 

Standard decks should NOT require engineered plans if you are following the guideline in the City of Winnipeg Wood Deck Handbook. Consult the pros at Blue Chip Decks to make sure you aren’t paying for any extras that you don’t need.

The Inspection

The City of Winnipeg requires TWO on-site inspections to finalize a deck permit.

  • The Framing Inspection which occurs after the deck framing is complete.
  • The Final Inspection which occurs after the deck is fully completed

*Any deficiencies noted must be rectified and re-inspected within 30 days. Open deck permits DO expire.

What happens if I build a deck without a permit?

If the City of Winnipeg becomes aware of an un-permitted deck, there will be a written notice sent to the residence. The City will then force the homeowner to apply for a deck permit and arrange an inspection. Depending on the design of the deck and access to the structural members, some disassembly may be required for inspection.

If the deck passes the inspection, a fine will be assessed to the property owner and the permit will be closed.

If a deck does not pass the inspection, the necessary adjustments will need to be made to bring the deck into compliance with the City of Winnipeg Wood Deck Handbook’s building code and Winnipeg Building By-Laws and Zoning. If the project cannot be brought to code and/or zoning, the City will assess a fine and have the homeowner remove the project.

Blue Chip Tech Tip: 

Bite the bullet and get the permit. It could save you a world of headache.

The permitting process for a Blue Chip Deck

Blue Chip Decks takes care of the entire permitting process for our clients. From application and submission to final inspection. As the client, you simply sit back and relax as Blue Chip Decks manages all communication with the City of Winnipeg (or your local municipality) and arranges all mandatory inspections meetings.

You can rest assured that Blue Chip Decks will make sure YOUR deck complies with the Winnipeg Building By-laws and the National Building Code. Keeping you out of the RED and into the BLUE.

Make your deck, a Blue Chip Deck!