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Maintenance – Free

Looking for a maintenance-free deck solution? Look no further than the Composite or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride – a synthetic plastic) decking offered by Blue Chip Decks.

A maintenance-free Blue Chip Deck uses only the best materials supplied by leaders in the composite and PVC maintenance-free decking industry. Both lines of products come in a variety of colours with a look that captures the texture and feel of natural wood without the yearly scraping, sanding and staining. Apart from the occasional wash with soap and water, this type of decking surface is completely maintenance-free!

• Don’t stain your Blue Chip Deck on your vacation – Enjoy it!

  • Trex composite deck – Island Mist and Clamshell
  • Trex transcends deck
  • Wolf PVC maintenance-free deck
  • Trex composite deck

Wolf PVC Decking

• Wolf PVC decking is a lightweight, deck board, manufactured in the USA. Wolf decking is made from a total PVC foam core, that is fully wrapped (top and bottom) with a solid ASA exterior (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate).

• Wolf PVC decking features Wolf’s ASA ColorWatch100™ technology – a dashboard grade plastic with a premium finish that offers the BEST long-term protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays.

• The fully synthetic PVC deck board makes Wolf decking exceptionally resistant to moisture, mold, mildew and – a great alternative for humid and wet environments.

Wolf PVC Colours

For a more detailed view of Wolf PVC’s colours and decking, click the link below:

Blue Chip Tech Tip: Wolf PVC fastens smoothly with the HID Fast stainless-steel nail system and has an excellent Cortex Plug System (colour matching screws and plugs) for mitres and fascia. The overall look and finish of a Wolf PVC deck is subtle with a non-glossy sheen. The grain pattern is moderately pronounced and the difference in tones of a single colour are subtle.


• Wolf PVC decking comes with a 50 year limited lifetime manufacturer’s stain and sade guarantee and a 5 year full product guarantee.


• Trex Composite decking is a hefty wood/plastic based, capped composite deck board, that is manufactured in the USA.

• Trex Composite decking is by far the largest and most well-known brand of composite decking. A true cap-stock composite deck board – the core is composed of a blend of plastic and wood fibers that are sourced from 95% recycled materials, making Trex one of the most environmentally friendly composite deck boards on the market!

• The wood/plastic core is wrapped on three sides with a VERY durable weather resistant “cap” to seal the core materials. Trex’s exterior coating is a weather resistant surface that also resists stains, scratches, fading, mold and termite infestation.

Trex logo

Trex Colours

For a more detailed view of Trex’s Colours and decking options, click the link below.

Blue Chip Tech Tip: Trex fastens easily with their proprietary Trex Hideaway™ clip system and has an excellent Cortex Plug System (colour matching screws and plugs) for mitres and fascia. The Trex Hideaway™ clip system is easy to use and can be done quickly. Trex Hideaway™ also allows for the easy swapping of a deck board if needed.

The overall look and finish of a Trex composite deck is bold with a subtle sheen (Trex Transcends/Enhance). The grain pattern is well-defined and has that classic Trex appeal. There is a more pronounced difference in tones in the two-tone boards when compared to other maintenance-free boards.


• Trex composite decking comes with a 25-year limited lifetime manufacturer’s stain and fade guarantee.

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